Kayaking close to nature

New in summer 2023:

Kayaking on Solgen - close to nature enjoyment!

Curious about kayaking? Kayaking is a wonderful way to experience nature, where you glide silently through the water and get close to islands, beaches and are close to nature. Listen to the lapping of the waves, look for birds and plants, maybe you will see an osprey, a sea eagle or Småland's landscape animal, the otter, which is found in Solgen. We show you how kayaking works, you get a substantial lunch bag and we advise you on the best paddling trips, maybe you want to have a picnic on the cliff on Solgen's most beautiful island or a swim on the island with a sandy beach or enjoy an evening trip at sunset. Welcome on a kayak trip, for both beginners and experienced kayakers, where everything is included for a wonderful outdoor experience on Lake Solgen in Småland!

For who:

The trip suits you who are curious about kayaking, want to have a wonderful outdoor experience and try paddling in safe and calm ways. You don't need to have tried paddling before, we'll help you get started. We show and instruct and then you paddle on your own for a trip on the lake.

Dates: June - August, half-day or full-day trip (arrival at 10 am or 2 pm or time by arrangement, you have access to the kayak all day/evening).

The following are included:

-Kayak with equipment (paddle, canopy, life vest, compass, waterproof packing bags for clothes/mobile phone)
-Basic instructions in paddling technique and safety, public rights, sustainability, tour suggestions with the most beautiful kayak tours, maps and information about the Solgen nature reserve.
-Borrow of binoculars, bird book
-First aid kit
-Picnic with lunch sandwich, Småland coffee bread, drink, thermos with coffee/water (homemade and locally produced as far as possible).

Suggested day program:

Arrival in Hammar. We begin with a briefing on land of basic paddling technique, safety, equipment, and instruct you so that you feel safe when you get into the kayaks and slide off on your own. We talk about the nature around Solgen, the right of the public, sustainability and the three nature reserves in Solgen, which protect large parts of the lake and its islands with a rich plant and animal life. During the day trip, you can paddle both in Solgenån and on the lake. We offer suggestions for day trips depending on the weather, wind and of course based on your previous paddling experience.

Examples of tours: Start paddling at a leisurely pace with the "Åturen" in Solgenån and continue with the "Näckrosrundan" around the Viånerna archipelago. After that, you might paddle the "Bird round" with a coffee stop at the bird tower in Söraby or take a lunch break at Mellby swimming area and continue with the "Big swimming tour" with bathing from the cliffs and sandy beach at Prästö - this is the best coffee spot! If you want to paddle further, try the Södra longtour or the Northern longtour and look for great loons, otters, ospreys or sea eagles along beaches and islands. You have access to the kayaks all day and finish in Hammar in the afternoon/evening (no later than 8 p.m.). If you would rather do a shorter day trip, that is of course fine. A paddling trip at sunset is very nice! When you come back after the paddling trip, you are welcome to use our seating and barbecue area by the lake, take it easy and finish by enjoying the sunset.

You need to bring with you:

- Wear comfortable clothes (windproof and waterproof jacket, a warm sweater)
- Extra change of clothes (you can borrow waterproof packs from us)
- Swimwear, cap and sunglasses can be good, also sunscreen
- Wind/waterproof gloves if your hands get cold easily
- Sandals or bathing shoes (in the kayak it is convenient to paddle barefoot)

Price: 650 SEK single kayak or 1000 SEK/double kayak. Min-max number is 2-4 people (there are two single-person kayaks and one double kayak).
Rent of only kayak without picnic etc: 450 SEK single kayak, 600 SEK double kayak.

(Contact us for pricing if you want to rent a kayak for several days).

Booking information:

- Booking one (1) day in advance via e-mail: info@hammarvidsolgen.se
- Payment is made upon arrival in cash, via debit card or Swish.
- Cancellation later than 6 pm the day before arrival is charged with half the cost.
- We can accommodate 2-4 guests at the same time in two one-person kayaks and/or a double kayak of the Seabird and Prijon models, which are spacious and stable kayak models with rudders that you control via foot pedals.
- All paddling takes place at your own risk.
- Age limit 18 years (or younger when accompanied by an adult). Ability to swim 200 meters is required.
- The kayaks are returned in Hammar no later than 8 pm, you clean the kayak and leave the equipment to us.
- The guest is responsible for any damage or loss of rented equipment, the guest is responsible for own insurance
- Picnic included (large sandwich, drink and coffee bread). Please note we have limited opportunities to offer special diets such as lactose/gluten-free diets.
- In case of extreme weather (thunder, strong wind, heavy rain), the tour can, after contacting us, be canceled at short notice and you can rebook to a new date free of charge.

Get here: The kayak tour starts from the farm Hammar by lake Solgen, between Eksjö and Vetlanda in Småland. You get directions when booking, see also directions here